MRS Viking Evo Self-Bailer Elite

This whitewater packraft features the newly designed floor hole that can be completely closed using the high-tech TiZIP, making the water accumulation in the boat is greatly reduced, and the drainage concentrated at the heel of the paddler.

The new design makes this self-bailing packraft more agile and responsive compared to previous models and is a comprehensive innovation in the field of inflatable self-bailing packrafts. Users familiar with self-bailing packraft models will be pleasantly surprised.

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Internal Storage System (ISS)

The ISS is an optional extra on the MRS Viking Evo Self-Bailer Elite. ISS is a fantastic feature, which essentially allows you to store soft items within the tubes of the packraft, saving space within the packraft. Gear can be stored inside the provided 2 x large drybags then placed inside the tubes via the waterproof/airtight zip – suitable for all kinds of soft items like spare coats, clothes, shoes, sleeping bags etc. Imagine racing down white water whilst having all your gear still with you neatly tucked away ready to use when you get to your destination down river! So handy and a real innovation for packrafts.

MRS use TiZips top zipper, the Masterseal 10 which has a pressure resistance up to 500mbar. Other than keeping your gear out of the way and dry, the ISS also helps to lower the centre of gravity within the craft thereby enhancing stability. Of course, any gear you put into the ISS cannot be accessed until you are able to deflate the packraft.

Main specifications;
Outer length; 269cm
Outer width; 92cm
Inner length; 136cm
Inner width; 34cm
Tube diameter; 29cm
Pack size; 40x60x30cm

Max load capacity: 135kg
Manufacturer warranty; 3 years


UK delivery only (for overseas delivery please contact us for a quote prior to order).

Note; MRS packrafts are made to order and as such have a delivery time of around 3-4 weeks. Where possible, we will seek to get your packraft to you even quicker. Where we have your chosen packraft in stock, delivery will be much quicker (i.e. within 5 working days).

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