Polyurethane (PU) glue (5ml)

P.U. glue is a clear liquid polyurethane-based (PU) adhesive that has been specifically developed to provide strong and reliable bonding to a wide range of materials.


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P.U. glue is a one-part polyurethane adhesive that reacts with moisture to polymerize and cure which provides very strong and waterproof bonding.

The glue is transparent so it won’t discolour the objects you need to join. It is used for repairs and constructions where a very high connection strength is required and can be used indoors and outdoors.

This glue increases its volume when curing allowing it to fill irregularities. It is resistant to humidity (Class D4), shock and vibrations and temperature variations.

• Flexible and durable
• Fills gaps and cracks
• Excellent balance of flexibility and high strength
• Waterproof
• High cohesive strength
• Abrasion resistance
• Impact resistance
• Extremely tough.

Complete curing time: 10-12 hours.

To ensure the best result, at least one of the surfaces must be porous or permeable. Thus, it is recommended to sand/roughen smooth surfaces.

How to use: Surfaces to be bonded must be free of dirt (dust, grease, etc.) as much as possible. Apply glue to one of the surfaces to be bonded. Assemble immediately. Press strongly and immobilize for at least 10-12 hours.

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