MRS Adjustable Footrest

The MRS adjustable footrest comes with or without the adjustable fitting strap DIY kit. Without the DIY strap kit, the MRS adjustable footrest is an extra-large footrest which shortens the inner length of your MRS packraft and with the kit, the extent of inner length can be adjusted to provide an optimum paddling position. The result is the improvement of the contact with your feet, comfort and paddling efficiency. It can also help improve your control over the movements of your MRS packraft. The length is adjustable from 10cm to 43cm using a roll closure fitting.


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The MRS adjustable footrest has several advantages:

• More comfortable paddling position with something to firmly press your feet against at a comfortable angle
• More control over your MRS packraft
• If you have thigh straps, it helps the position of your legs so that they fit more comfortably into the thigh straps increasing overall control and comfort

Even without the DIY fixing kit (glue not included) the MRS footrest is securely wedged under/between the tubes to the front of your MRS packraft. Due to the counter pressure of your feet this is usually sufficient. However, optional fastening velcro straps are also available within the DIY fixing kit which attach to the side tubes of the packraft using a suitable PU glue (we can recommend suitable glues). The straps from the footrest can then be threaded through the tabs provided on the footrest and fixed securely in place.

The adjustable footrest can be deflated and rolled up with the boat so doesn’t notably add to the packed size of your MRS packraft.

Fits any MRS packraft and most other brands.

When in stock we aim to dispatch your order the next working day, however, when out of stock, delivery will be within 3 weeks. For overseas orders please contact us before ordering for a precise postage cost.

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