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Unique Packraft Features

What makes an MRS Packraft unlike any other water craft?





Ranging from 880g-4.46kg solo packrafts and 3.46kg-5.95kg tandem packrafts

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Easily fit in or on a backpack. Take anywhere, store anywhere!

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Made from durable tough polyurethane coated nylon (TPU), designed for serious use.

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Choose from a range of colours and accessories, including various attachments for all your packrafting needs.

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What is Packrafting?

Packrafting is a sport that involves using a solo or tandem inflatable boat, known as a packraft, which is lightweight, portable and durable. Packrafts can be easily carried in a back pack or on a bike, allowing individuals to combine activities such as hiking, biking, wild camping, climbing and paddling; opening up a wide range of possibilities for exploration and adventure.


What makes an MRS packraft unique?

MRS (Micro Rafting System) are world leaders in packraft design, with over 10 years of cutting edge packraft innovation, and have created the widest range of packrafts to suit every adventure. From touring to bikerafting, white-water to tandems and ultra-light models for expeditions where every gram counts, MRS have produced a packraft to cater for your needs. All MRS products maintain quality and performance at their heart, being hand-crafted using the best quality materials and design and providing a 3-year manufacturer warranty administered through Paqualife as official UK dealers.

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“I’ve paddled the MRS Microraft now for a couple of months getting used to it before a big expedition and I can safely say it is perfect for those who want to paddle a combination of white water and calm water. With the internal storage system and tie down points it can carry a lot of your gear (either internally or on the bow in a dry bag). Having the ability to install the skeg helps you track straight on longer paddles and removing it during a while water session allows for good movement. The cruiser deck is a great function, stopping paddle drips and rain from getting in the packraft during long days paddling or if your paddling white water it will limit the water ingress but not completely stop it. The Microraft is durable, not the lightest expedition packraft, but it combines all of the above functions allowing it to be an absolutely brilliant expedition packraft.

The Microraft is an absolute brilliant all-round packraft, I really recommend it!”


Martin G.

“Have had our packraft for 2-3 years now and found it to be a great bit of kit. Well made and suitable for the range of water conditions suggested (although can’t pretend to have been in ‘serious’ conditions) – we have used in a range of rivers, sea and lakes, principally in the UK but also France. Particularly handy is the ease of transport, to launch sites on foot or carrying on bikes. Plans for Scandinavia this year. Looking forward to the opportunity for multi day trips. Works particularly well with travel in our VW California – all paddle kit easily fits in a roof box and light enough that can still raise the roof without problems.”
Dave P. 

“The Microraft is brilliant for just getting out and going, being super light its no struggle carrying it to the waterway, once in it tracks great, is quick moving over the water, due to its lightness even with a weekends worth of camping gear inside the ISS it was still easy to carry at portages, I suffer with sciatica and after 8 hours of paddling the seating position meant I wasn’t in any pain. This is also the first time I’ve had a bag inflation system which makes getting set up so easy – 3 to 4 bags and it’s fully inflated, takes minutes. Wish I’d bought one before, can’t wait to try a bit of white water now.

My only quibble is that they come in a nice Paqualife bag which is allot bigger than the raft itself but serves ifs purpose. In my opinion a nice raft storage bag that can attach to a rucksack for when trekking maybe would be better.
Overall I’m 100% happy with my purchase (and check out the quick dry polo’s, they’re great!)”


“My MRS Ponto has opened up so many options for wild camping trips, thank you Paqualife!”

Mark H.

“I love how packrafts allow me to explore the great outdoors in ways I couldn’t without such kit!”



“Packrafting has allowed me to explore places I never thought possible and I can take my dog with me which is such a bonus”



“What can I say the polo fits perfectly, sizes are true, very light and cool top, dries quickly as stated in name,
Very nice top”



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