Which is right for me?

There are a number of spraydeck options, but which one is the best fit for you?

Which spraydeck is right for you will depend on how you plan to use your packraft. Below are a few options.

Spraydecks are great at keeping the elements out to a greater or lesser degree. Some are designed simply to keep the paddle drips off you, whilst others are designed to let as little water into the packraft as possible. There are five different spray decks to consider, matched with different packrafts.

Spraydeck Options

The five different spray decks are shown below, together with which models of packraft their are matched to:



We will run through the main benefits of each.

The C type spraydeck is an entirely removable spraydeck used on the MRS Microraft and MRS Adventure X2 series of packraft. The spraydeck has a zip which runs around the back of the paddler and all the way down one side providing a semi-waterproof cover. On the left side, the spray deck is secured via a full length velcro making it incredibly easy to get in and out of the packraft – simply pull a loop to instantly remove that side of the spraydeck allowing easy getting in and out of the packraft. Whilst this means the C type spray deck isn’t fully waterproof, it does make it confidence building for those who may be nervous about being enclosed within a packraft; with the knowledge that it is easy to exit the packraft if needed, for example in the event of the packraft being overturned. Around the waist of the paddler, the spray deck has an integrated elasticated spray skirt which holds part way up the paddlers body to keep the majority of water out, but not all in the event of significant waves or submersion. There is an inflatable section on the spraydeck to lift the area immediately in front of the paddler, designed to direct water away from the body of the paddler. The E type spraydeck is similar to the C type but with the inflatable section of the spraydeck concealed when compared to the C type.

MRS Microraft L with C type spraydeck

MRS Microraft L with C type spraydeck rolled forward

The C type spraydeck is good for keeping paddler sheltered from the elements during all year use, will keep drips off and is suitable for some white water up to Grade 3.  As an option to accompany an all-rounder like the MRS Microraft or MRS Adventure X2, it is ideal and suitable for the majority of paddling uses.

If you are planning to do white water or wish to keep eater out as much as possible, then the W type spraydeck is the best option available. The W type spraydeck is used on only two models, namely the MRS Alligator 2S and Alligator 2S Pro. More suited to experienced paddlers, this spray deck option will keep the majority of water out and cannot be removed from the packraft; it is fully heat welded in place all the way around. A separate spray skirt is provided with any packraft supplied with a W type spraydeck.

MRS Alligator 2S with W type spraydeck

In terms of ability to keep water out, the D type spraydeck sits between the C type and W type; it will keep more water out than a C type spray deck but not as well as the W type spraydeck. The D type spraydeck is fitted to the MRS Barracuda Pro tandem and the MRS Nomad S1D. The D type spraydeck is fitted slightly differently to the MRS Nomad S1D versus the MRS Barracuda Pro. On the MRS Nomad S1D the spraydeck is fully fitted and heat welded to the bow (front) of the packraft, with a long zip the full length of both sides and a velcro attachment securing it to the stern (back). The D type spray deck on the MRS Nomad S1D cannot be entirely removed, but it can be unzipped and rolled forward, secured in a rolled form to the bow of the packraft (in order to roll it forward the nylon rib tubes forming the cockpit need to be removed). Once rolled forward, the D type spraydeck allows an open feel to the MRS Nomad S1D.


MRS Nomad S1D showing D type spraydeck with spray skirt removed

The D Type spraydeck on the MRS Barracuda Pro is, in contrast to that used on the MRS Nomad S1D, entirely removable; it is secured by long waterproof zips either side of the packraft, and velcro strips at the bow and stern (front and back) of the packraft. The D type spraydeck on both the MRS Nomad S1D and the MRS Barracuda Pro has a cockpit formed by rods, with a remable spray skirtt for the paddler. The D type spraydeck is a very high performing spraydeck and a step up from the C type spraydeck used on the MRS Microraft and MRS Adventure X2, but it isn’t as quick to remove.


MRS Barracuda Pro with spraydeck and sprayskirt

Finally, the new MRS Surveyor in the new ultra light packrafts from MRS has a new lightweight spraydeck option. The main brief of this new spraydeck, called the L type spraydeck, is to keep paddle drips off the paddler and reduce some exposure from the elements. The L type spraydeck is not watertight as it is secured to the packraft via velcro tabs spread at regular spots along each side of the packraft. Specifying it with the MRS Surveyor is however recommended given it doesn’t add much weight, but would increase the useability of an MRS Surveyor through much more of the year by providing an element of shelter to the paddler.


MRS Surveyor with L type spraydeck

If you would like any guidance on which spraydeck is right for you, please get in touch.


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