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MRS Packrafts are uncompromisingly of the highest quality!

There are a number of reasons that MRS packrafts are renowned across the world for being of the highest quality and trusted by leading adventurers! It is a combination of quality materials, world leading innovation, dedicated research and development, experience in manufacturing and a drive to produce only the best packrafts!

MRS have a mission to product packrafts of only the highest quality which you can depend upon in even the harshest environments. The questions is, which packraft is best for you. How to Choose the Perfect Packraft?

Quality Materials

MRS Polyurethane Coated Nylon (also known as Themoplastic Polyurethane or “TPU”) is of the highest quality and Bluesign approved. Bluesign, originated in Switzerland, certifies the textile consumer goods manufacturing industry according to its approach to being environmentally responsible and sustainable. It tests the product, all the way from being a raw material to the finished product, considering the impact on the environment and the safety of people in the workplace.

The Bluesign system is unique, proactively eliminating environmentally harmful substances right at the start of the textile supply chain using Input Stream Management to minimize impacts on people and the planet. See the process below:

The Bluesign certification demonstrates that those products have been manufactured to strict safety and environmental requirements. Known as the bluesign CRITERIA, these are the highest standards in the industry, shown below:

MRS fully supports sustainable development and is highly involved in the research and development of TPU coated fabric, ensuring it not only performs at the highest level, but is also environmentally friendly and safe.

Not all TPU coated nylon fabric is equal. MRS painstakingly ensure that the TPU fabric used in the manufacture of their packrafts are only of the highest quality and free of imperfections. It is a well trodden manufacturing process to overlay TPU over nylon fabric – however, MRS make sure any fabric used is completely free of imperfections and has a high quality, even layup of the TPU on the nylon fabric beneath.

World Leading Innovation

MRS packrafts are the result of long-term continuous research, development and improvement. They are extremely proud and protective of their designs, based on intensive R&D with 17 owned patents. MRS have a background in making making large rafts for whitewater over many years, with the founder (who has a technical engineering background) making rafts for personal use. Below are just some of the patents held by MRS for their packrafts.

MRS are committed to designing and producing the best performing, most practical and professional quality packrafts in the world. Continuous development is always happening at MRS with feedback received globally from amateur and professional users, resulting in direct improvement on new models.

You only need to look at the MRS range and the wide variety of uses possible to see evidence of the hard work of MRS R&D! This is further verified by an enviable global reputation for producing packrafts of the highest order in terms of performance and quality. If you want a packraft you know carries this reputation, verified by many thousands of delighted customers around the world, there is only really one option … an MRS packraft.

Manufacturing Expertise

MRS are extremely proud of their manufacturing skills and experience, developed over a decade, in producing hand sewn and heat welded packrafts. Each packraft is carefully manufactured by skilled professionals, and not rolled off a mass automated manufacturing process. This takes time to produce your packraft, but it helps ensure only the highest standards, and is well worth it.

Third party companies may seek to copy MRS designs, but without the quality research, development, expert professional testing and manufacturing techniques, which underpin all MRS products, buyers should be cautious of purchasing their products.

Regarding manufacture, the factories that manufacture MRS products are solely owned and managed by MRS, and only serve the production of MRS branded products. Some of the previously mentioned third party companies manufacture lower quality packrafts in large numbers, which seek to copy MRS designs, and sell their inferior products with any brand name attached. This results in a number of same packrafts manufactured by one factory, but with many different brand names. Those packrafts do not carry the same quality assurance and certification of an MRS product.



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