How to clean your packraft

The best way to look after your MRS packraft

Now you own your new MRS packraft, here’s how to keep it in great condition!

It is important that you look after your new pride and joy. An MRS packraft is an incredible bit of kit, the result of many years research and development, skilfully manufactured by experience which is second to none. It is also a significant investment, giving you a packraft which will last many years with the right care.

The first basic advice for all new packrafters, is to ensure you keep your packraft clean. When you return from your adventure, it is important to clean your packraft before putting it into storage. In particular, it is important that you check and remove any sand/dirt from the inflation valves and in particular from your ISS.

Step by step cleaning guide

Step 1: Vaccuum

The first thing you need to do, is ensure all the loose bits are collected, a good way to do this is by using a vacuum. Some people find this easier with the packraft inflated – if you have the time to inflate, it probably is easier than cleaning it deflated. The ideal vacuum to use is one with good power, and a nice soft brush attachment – particularly useful for collecting loose sand. You will find a vacuum with a brush attachment very handy around the valves, creases/joins and the TiZIP (if you have one fitted on your packraft).


Step 2: Soap and Water

Next you will need a bucket or bowl with some warm soapy water. Using a sponge or wet microfibre cloth, rub the soapy water onto the packraft. Be sure to get good coverage and clean well into the creases of the packraft material, including under the seats. You may find it easier to remove any packraft seats while doing this stage.


Step 3: Thoroughly dry

Now you have your packraft fully clean, it is very important not to store your packraft wet. If the weather is warm and dry, you could rinse it with clean water then allow to air dry. It is however advisable to dry your packraft thoroughly with a microfibre towel before putting it into storage. Polyurethane, the material your packraft is made from, and particularly the TiZIP material (where that option is selected on your packraft) does not like being stored in damp places.

A microfoibre cloth is the perfect tool t to dry any water and soap still on your packraft, ensuring that when you put it away until next time, there is no dampness.

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