Jess loves the great outdoors and what better way to explore than with your trusty dogs in a converted campervan? Jess and her partner Hayden love hiking, climbing, paddling and cycling and they are now able to combine them all having discovered packrafting. Hear more from Jess below.

My name is Jess and my partner Hayden and I currently live in Suffolk. We love nothing more than getting outdoors together, whether it’s on foot, hiking with our 2 dogs, on our bikes or out for a paddle. We are lucky to live in an area with such beautiful beaches, rivers and forests but we do love travelling further afield, especially to the mountains of Wales and Scotland as we are both keen climbers too. We got the chance to try packrafting properly last year and packrafts are such an amazing piece of kit to have. We particularly love the MRS Tulo because of how lightweight it is (2.27kg!) and how small it can pack down. It opened up our adventure possibilities more than we could ever have imagined. We carry the packrafts on our bikes and go bikerafting, we carry them in/on our backpacks whilst hiking up mountain trails; our most recent trip was to the French alps searching for beautiful mountain lakes. What’s more is that they are so tough we can even bring our dogs along in them too!

Want to see more of our amazing packrafting adventures? Check me out @rivers_and_roads on Instagram.

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